Genesis 2:15 Ministries is a Christian non-profit organization whose mission is to introduce improved agricultural practices and help establish self-sustaining small businesses in impoverished communities while sharing the saving message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 


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Farming God’s Way

This year we experimented with planting corn using a method called Farming God’s Way.  This farming technique was developed by Brian Oldreive in Zimbabwe.  Farming God’s Way is a union of Biblical, managerial, and technological principles.  It involves praying over the land, managing with integrity, and following very precise guidelines for preparing the fields and planting.  When one follows this plan, he opens himself up for God not only to heal the land and give an abundant harvest, but also to change his heart and life.Farming God's Way

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Goat Lessons

In May, we began facilitating a series of goat lessons. Dr. Paul Rudenberg is a missionary veterinarian living in Les Cayes, Haiti. He is in the process of writing an eight-lesson course on goat and sheep husbandry. We get the lessons from Dr.1st Goat Lesson Paul and distribute them to the class members. Currently we have about 18 people enrolled—men and women, adults and young people. They take them home, read through the lesson, and then answer about 10 questions. There is a reflection section that teaches a Biblical principle related to the lesson. After a few days, everyone meets back at our house and we discuss what we have learned. Pastor Tine also expounds on the reflection. We then send the test questions back to Dr. Paul for him to grade and give feedback on any misunderstandings. He sends us the next lesson and the process continues.

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Our Purpose

“Then the Lord God took the man and put him into the Garden of Eden to cultivate it and keep it.”  Genesis 2:15 

First, God instituted the family.  Then He gave man a job: caretaker of His creation.  This is a noble and challenging calling.   In many areas, especially in economically depressed regions, the land has been stripped of nutrients and, therefore, produces very little. 

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